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pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care in the heart of south puget sound

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birth care

Birth has the power to reveal the beauty of humanity. 



Our future children deserve nothing less than a divine transition to Earth. After spending extended time in nature:  several hundred-mile long backpacking trips around the world, Mother Earth has instilled in me a deep understanding of the cycles of life. I wish to awaken this knowledge within every family I serve. Practicing midwifery is not only my joyous purpose, but my way of honoring a lineage of women who have come before me and preserving the sacred traditions of birth for future generations. 

With Love,

Alexandra Senechal, LM, CPM



Throughout my pregnancy, Alex helped me build the confidence I needed to give birth naturally at home. She guided my partner in ways to support me and gave me the utmost strength during labor making knowledgable decisions to help move my contractions along and get us closer to our baby.


I had an amazing experience with Alex! It was my first pregnancy so I was quite nervous and unsure about an out of hospital birth. Alex gave me confidence in my body's ability to give birth and equipped me with the knowledge to have a healthy pregnancy. When my time for labor came, her calm and loving presence was just what I needed to keep going and not give up.


Alex made me feel so supported and loved from our first prenatal visit to our final postpartum visit. I LOVE that  Alex allowed the birth moment to be OURS as a family. She was right there to support us and cheer me on as I pushed my baby out, but my husband and I were the first people to touch our baby as I brought him to my chest. That moment means the world to me.


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Mystic Mountain

P: (253) 693-0275   F: (206) 299-0801

207 Center Street E, Suite F Eatonville, WA 98328
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