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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Birth
Home Birth
Why home birth?

It is important for women to give birth where they feel safe and comfortable, and for some individuals, that place is home. Working with a midwife provides familes with continuity of care throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. Less intervention and medication, intermittent fetal monitoring, and time to allow birth to unfold at its own pace are hallmarks of home birth with a midwife.

Is home birth safe?

Home birth with a midwife is as safe as hospital birth for people with low risk pregnancies. Many studies have shown that midwife supported births in an out of hospital setting have lower rates of cesarean, lower rates of vaginal tearing after birth, lower rates of postpartum hemorrhage, and less need for neonatal resuscitation.

What about emergencies?

While true medical emergenies are rare in home birth, they can happen. I am trained to recognize when something is not within normal and act swiftly, appropriately, and competently. I am trained in neonatal resuscitation (NRP), CPR, and emergency birth procedures. I carry medications including oxygen, antihemorrhagic medications, IV supplies, and all supplies needed to perform a full newborn resucitation if needed.

What if I need hospital support?

Conditions may develop during pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum, or newborn period that require evaluation by a referring physician. This may require transfer to a hospital/NICU. If a situation arises that requires further evaluation, we will create an individualized care plan and review all the possible options available to you. I collaborate with many wonderful medical practitioners in the community. Hospital guidelines usually allow the attending midwife to provide labor support. Even though birth did not take place at home, you will recieve full postpartum support.

Do you offer water birth?

Absolutely! I own an Aqua Doula birth tub that you can use free of charge. Please buy a new lead free hose and make sure it fits on the faucet you will be using to fill the tub. Your home birth supply kit has the option of including a disposable liner for the birth tub. This will be added to your birht kit if you plan a water birth or water immersion in labor. You are responsible for the birth tub liner fee of $50.

What supplies do I need for a home birth?

A complete list of the suppllies you will need to prepare before the birth will be provided to you in your third trimester of pregnancy. A home birth kit with disposble chux pads, gloves and other supplies is included in the comprehensive fee and will be mailed to your house at 35 weeks.

When does my baby need to see a pediatrician?

Licensed midwives in the state of Washington can provide well baby care until 2 weeks postpartum. After that, you will need to establish care with a pediatrician. It is recommened that you contact a pediatrician during pregnancy in the event that baby needs more support than midwives can provide after birth.

Will insurance cover my home birth?

I am currently in the process of credentialing and contracting with insurance companies. This is a long process that usually takes 4 months. I expect to be finished by September, 2024. This means that if your baby is due in September or after, I will be able to bill your insurance company as an in-network provider. If our baby is due before September 2024, I will be considered out-of- network and you are responsible for the cash pay fee.

What is included in the cost of midwifery care

Midwifery care with me includes a two hour initial visit with lab work, a welcome binder with pregnancy tea, prenatal visits, labor and birth care, and 2 hour long postpartum visits.

How do I choose a midwife?

The South Puget Sound is lucky to have so many amazing midwives. Finding the right fit is vital when choosing who to support you during this transformational journey. I encourage you to interview multiple midwives. I offer a complementary consulation to all prospective clients.


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